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PSCMRCET student gets Rs 9 lakh reward from Google

Curious and inquisitive learners can spot some interesting facts that may even escape the discerning eye of the experts. Appidi Sai Kumar, a fourth-year student at Potti Sriramulu Chalavadi Mallikarjuna College of Engineering, stumbled upon something that led him to discover technical vulnerability of a big company.

Kumar found an Internet Protocol (IP) address that he had scanned and identified that it belongs to one of the Cisco routers of You Tube which is owned by Google. He searched online for the default passwords of Cisco routers and tried testing select user names and passwords. After a few attempts, he was able to log into a company router. He immediately found a bug in it.

Kumar took the video as a proof and submitted it, along with a letter, to the Google Vulnerability Reward Program (GVRP), a platform created by the company to encourage security researchers around the world, to take part in its vulnerability programme. Within a few weeks, he was rewarded with the Hall of Fame at Google and an amount of about Rs 9 lakh was deposited into his account.

Kumar said the reward was calculated based on importance of the bugs detected.

“Finding bugs has become my passion and I want to become a security analyst,” said Kumar, who wanted to appear for certificate exams in networking and web applications after his graduation to become an expert in the field. With so much data stored in the network of computers, security analysts are in demand even in and around the city, he said.

Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, CallAmbulance, and a few other companies awarded him the hall of fame or certificates of appreciation for identifying bugs in their sites.

Kumar said the first time he got interested in finding bugs was at a workshop conducted at the college on ‘Ethical Hacking’ to identify bugs and penetrate into a computer system or a network with the sole purpose of finding security vulnerabilities.

Unlike malicious hackers, these security analysts with all good intentions report the bugs to the company for them to fix them.

Source: Times of India.



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